White Coat Sponsorship

The White Coat Ceremony is a time-honored tradition at WMed and a heartwarming rite of passage for our first-year medical students as they embark on their education and goal of becoming physicians. Students entering medical school aspire to become worthy of their white coat. For them, it symbolizes a standard of professionalism, compassion, and caring, as well as an emblem of trust they must earn from their patients.

Becoming a White Coat sponsor is particularly rewarding because you can create a bond and will help to inspire a student entering WMed. Sponsor donations allow each medical student to receive their first white coat, along with a stethoscope, tuning fork, reflex hammer, personal protective equipment, and apparel needed for their coursework and clinical applications. New in 2024, donations are also used for student scholarships to reduce the financial burden of a medical education.

As a special added touch, you will also have the opportunity to write a note of congratulations that will be placed inside the pocket of your sponsored student's white coat. Following the White Coat Ceremony, the student will receive your words of encouragement.

Steve and Amy McKiddy
2024 White Coat Sponsorship Campaign Co-Chairs Steve and Amy McKiddy

Become a White Coat Sponsor

The 2024 sponsorship is $1000 per student. The number of sponsors is not limited as a medical student can have more than one sponsor. Please consider making the gift of a White Coat Sponsorship now through the link below.

Or you can send your check payable to:听WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine to: Gift Processing 1903 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5403. Please write, 鈥淲hite Coat Sponsor鈥 in the memo section of your check.

White Coat Sponsors 2023

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors for supporting medical students in the Class of 2027. Your commitment and dedication to the success of our future physicians is to be recognized and commented.听Click here听here to see the list of sponsors.

今晚六合彩开奖结果 Class of 2027 White Coat Ceremony

If you weren't able to join us for the 今晚六合彩开奖结果 Class of 2027 White Coat Ceremony on Friday, September 8, 2023, on the WMed YouTube channel or you can take a look at on the WMed Flickr webpage.